Tell-Tale Signs of a Functional Addict

Tell-Tale Signs of a Functional Addict

Co-workers may detect signs of addiction

Identifying addiction in someone close to you is always difficult, but if the user is adept at hiding his addiction, then the task becomes even harder. Functional addicts work hard to hide their problems, so you will have to look much closer to find signs that point to drug or alcohol abuse. Just because a user is a functional addict does not mean that his addiction is less severe than another user’s. Functional addicts can be as severely addicted to drugs or behaviors as anyone else, and eventually even a functional addict will no longer be able to hide his problem from those around him.

Signs of Addiction in a Loved One

When it comes to functional addicts, sometimes it is easiest for a loved one to identify signs of addiction, because she is around the user most often and knows him well. If your loved one’s behavior has changed or his moods seem erratic, then this problem could be a sign of addiction. Functional addicts may become very private, either concealing or lying about his schedule or refusing to let guests into or into certain areas of his home. On its own, this behavior of privacy may seem odd, but it could be a sign of a functional addiction. Functional addicts may also have new friends or keep groups of friends segregated, so people they abuse drugs or alcohol with never come into contact with their clean friends.

Is My Co-Worker a Functional Addict?

At your job, you may not understand a co-worker’s behavior, but there are signs you can look for that may point to addiction. If an employee is habitually tardy to work or experiences negative changes in his personal hygiene, these are signs that some problem may be going on. A functional addict may always have an excuse for why he was late or why he did not submit his work on time. Some functional addicts have stories for every problem they encounter, but, if these stories do not check out, then that is a serious warning sign.

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