Personal Consequences of Untreated PTSD

Personal Consequences of Untreated PTSDDo you find that you are always on alert or entirely too aware of your surroundings? Do you find that you are easily startled and quick to anger? Do you find that you have panic attacks when you think about being alone or being in public places? Restore a sense of normalcy and security to your life, learn how to get past PTSD and repair your damaged personal relationships by getting professional PTSD help.

Treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an essential part of returning a sense of normalcy and stability to the life of someone who has experienced trauma or physical harm. Without professional PTSD treatment there is a high likelihood of the development of an addiction, as the individual may attempt to self-medicate the overwhelming symptoms of untreated PTSD.

The Dangers of Self-Medicating PTSD

Self-medicating is never a good idea. For someone who is struggling to get past PTSD self-medication is a little more dangerous, as those with PTSD are often already anxious, depressed, suffering from flashbacks or experiencing suicidal thoughts. If self-medication leads to addiction, drug or alcohol use will become the controlling factor in a person’s life.

The risk of overdose is real for someone who is self-medicating PTSD. PTSD can have a deep impact on your life, your career and your relationships. When drug addiction and PTSD or alcoholism and PTSD are combined, the effects will be amplified. Some drugs and alcohol can intensify the feelings that accompany PTSD. This could mean you find yourself having intense flashbacks or anxiety at inopportune moments.

PTSD Rehabilitation Can Help

When you receive help for trauma and for the addiction that you have developed as a means of coping with your PTSD you will find that your life is transformed. Getting treatment for PTSD means the following:

  • You will be able to break free from a controlling addiction
  • You will be able to greatly reduce your instances of flashbacks
  • You will see improvement in your control over emotions such as rage, depression, anxiety, guilt or shame

Professional PTSD treatment will help you regain control of your life. When you receive professional integrated help for both your addiction and PTSD, you will find that treating each as stand-alone conditions will ensure a much longer-lasting sobriety.

End the Consequences of Untreated PTSD Today

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