How a Negative Self-Image Affects Depression

Everyone has bad days, weeks or even months now and then; in fact, experiencing lows throughout life is completely normal. However, people with depression may experience a low point lasts for multiple weeks, months or years, and those problems may even seem insurmountable. In fact, serious cases of depression can devastate people, but, with the right help, there is hope for recovery. For instance, a healthy self-image is an excellent way to combat depression.

How a Negative Self-Image Can Cause or Worse Depression

Self-image, or the way people view themselves, is an essential aspect of one’s quality of life. A positive self-image helps people reach their goals and feel content with life, while a negative self-image can lead to apathy and discontentment. Oftentimes, depression and negative self-image are closely related: a negative self-image makes depression more likely, because, as time passes, negative feelings about one’s self can cause the disorder.

Signs of a Negative Self-Image

People who have a negative self-image commonly exude the following characteristics:

  • A tendency to be overly critical of themselves, even for relatively minor mistakes or flaws
  • They often think about their mistakes and shortcomings while overlooking their successes
  • They frequently compare themselves to others, often thinking their accomplishments are less valuable than others’They reject positive feedback

A negative self-image can lead to a destructive cycle—people with this problem may ruminate on negative thoughts and feelings, so they may become increasingly depressed. However, this cycle can be broken, and people can leave their depression behind, if they seek help.

How to Break the Cycle of a Negative Self-Image and Depression

Although people may feel helpless against a negative self-image and depression, they can learn how to change their negative thinking patterns, boost their confidence and overcome depression. Some people may be prescribed an antidepressant in addition to therapy, but recovery is possible with counseling from a mental health professional. No matter what your symptoms are, depression is highly treatable, and many people experience recovery with psychiatric help.

Find Treatment for Depression

If you or someone you love suffers from a negative self-image and depression, do not hesitate to seek help. Professional treatment can help anyone regain control of her mental health. With the right help, you or your loved one can learn how to manage depression to lead a happy life. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so feel free to call any time.