How to Find a Job In Recovery

How to Find a Job In Recovery

Finding a job after rehab will depend on how motivated and positive you can stay

Resuming a normal life after rehab is sometimes an intimidating and difficult process. It is a time when an addict in recovery makes an effort to mend his family life and become a functioning and productive member of society. To accomplish this, finding and keeping a job after addiction becomes a necessary step. However, the stigmas related to addiction and other legal factors such as perhaps having a criminal record might make it difficult for a person to reach this goal.

How to Find a Job After Rehab

Finding a job after rehab will depend on how motivated and positive you can stay until you find one. A good suggestion is trying to find and accept a job right away, even if it is not your ideal job; this will keep you busy in your first months after rehab and will help you to adapt once again to a working life. The idea of a transitional job is not very attractive to some, but consider this an opportunity to gain more experience as you get ready to find a better job. It can also give you good references for future employers.

You also want to stay positive. Giving up after a few rejections will only put you in a state of disappointment that could trigger a relapse. As you search for a job in your field, try to improve with each application as you keep on applying for different positions. For example, you might want to:

  • Make yourself available for different positions within the company if you don’t get the first job you apply for
  • Consider consulting a career center or resume coach for assistance
  • Make your job search part of your daily routine
  • Consider that anyone you meet may have a positive job lead or know someone who can help you
  • Communicate your desire to find a job to friends and family
  • Consult local posting boards, both in print and on the Internet

Once you start receiving some calls from potential employers, you will then need to prepare for the interviews.

How to Answer Addiction Interview Questions

According to different state and federal laws against discrimination, an employer is only allowed to ask questions relevant to the job opening and that are directly related to see if you are adequate to fill a position. And while they can’t ask you if you have ever been arrested, they can inquire if you have ever been convicted; although this does not necessary disqualify you for a job unless it has some substantial relation to the job.

An interviewer is allowed to ask if you are currently using illegal drugs or what kinds have you used in the past months. However, it is illegal to ask about past addiction.

If you are presented with a question that you believe is unrelated to the job or illegal, then you must decide if you are going to discuss addiction at work. Most employers appreciate honesty and are usually able to see when someone is determined to do a good job. You might want to present your history of addiction highlighting that you are not using anymore and that you have been sober for some time now. This varies from situation to situation, and it is a good idea to discuss your individual situation among trusted support group peers, an addiction counselor, or your sponsor.

Further Help to Maintain a Life Free from Addiction

Call our toll-free helpline to receive assistance and advice to help yourself or someone you love find out more about addiction. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find relapse prevention efforts and programs to reinforce recovery. With just one call you can learn how to obtain treatment, counseling, or your options on using insurance for rehab. This might just be your first step to a fulfilling life free from addiction.