Do I Have PTSD or Depression?

DepressedIf you think you might have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression, it is always a good idea to consult a mental health professional to make sure. Both PTSD and depression can be effectively treated. Take a closer look at the signs and symptoms of PTSD and depression. If you think these symptoms fit your situation, please seek help immediately.

Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Knowing the symptoms of PTSD is half the battle. Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder for many years before they are officially diagnosed and effectively treated. PTSD usually begins when people endure a life-threatening experience. The traumatic incident does not have to be life-threatening to cause PTSD. Some situations that may lead to PTSD include the following:

  • Natural disasters
  • Acts of violence or crime
  • Loss of a loved one or family member, particularly when that loss is sudden
  • War or battle experiences
  • Abusive situations, particularly during childhood years

PTSD can show itself in many ways and symptoms of PTSD can even show up years after the initial trauma occurred. Some symptoms associated with PTSD include the following:

  • Flashbacks or strong memories of the traumatic event
  • A strong desire to avoid memories associated with the trauma
  • Feelings of being detached from other people and situations, problems forming solid relationships
  • An inability to concentrate on tasks or focus on important events
  • An inability to sleep well, or sleeping too much
  • Irritability, anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Feelings of guilt or shame associated with the event
  • Substance abuse or addiction to try to self-medicate the PTSD symptoms

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is more than just feeling sad. Depression is a persistent feeling of being down that lasts more than two weeks and significantly impacts your life. Some symptoms of depression include the following:

  • Feeling guilty, shameful or worthless
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in activities
  • A depressed mood that lasts almost all day every day
  • Feeling tired, lethargic or constantly on edge
  • Problems sleeping or sleeping too long or too much
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Difficulty making decisions or concentrating on tasks
  • Suicidal feelings or feelings of hurting yourself

Treatment for PTSD and Depression

Many people struggle with both PTSD and depression at the same time. If you have both depression and PTSD, you are not alone. There are treatments available. Dual Diagnosis treatment is a new type of treatment that addresses multiple issues at once. If you are struggling with addiction, PTSD and depression, you may need expert rehab care that can address all of these simultaneously. Traditional treatment only looks at one problem at a time, but Dual Diagnosis treatment can work on all issues so that you feel better as a whole person.

Help with PTSD and Depression

Please call us today at our 24 hour toll-free helpline to speak with a recovery expert about your situation. We would like to help you recover from the depression and PTSD symptoms that are plaguing your life. We work with a wide network of treatment professionals, and we can put you in touch with a treatment program that specializes in your area of need, your budget and your desires. We can even help you work with your insurance provider to arrange coverage for treatment. Find out more about specialty PTSD and depression treatment. Let us help you today.