Combat-Related Addiction

Combat-Related AddictionWhen our soldiers return home from serving our country, whether it was on the front lines of battle or behind the scenes, chances are they were witness to some awful events, or even part of them. This can cause serious mental issues for a solider, often times leading to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. As a result, some soldiers with PTSD will find a release for their troubles through different forms of addiction, often times putting themselves and their livelihood at risk.

Types of Combat-Related Addiction

As each soldier is different, those who are more predisposed to developing an addiction might find solace at the bottom of a bottle, in front of the slots, in a prescription pill container, or more. The variations of combat-related addiction are so wide spread that almost anybody can begin to lose themselves to addiction.

  • Alcoholism: For many soldiers, having a beer is a common bonding experience. When it becomes too excessive, soldiers can find themselves having all sorts of problems as a result of their drinking. This can include isolating themselves from others, becoming violent, drinking to the point of passing out, and damaging relationships.
  • Prescription pill addiction: Prescription pill addiction is one of the most trending problems amongst soldiers right now, as many of them are being prescribed pretty heavy duty medications to help with their physical pain or emotional stress. When a soldier has experienced that much trauma in a short period of time, the likelihood of them developing an addiction under a strong prescription is much higher than before.
  • Gambling: Gambling, like other addictions, can be an escapism tactic to avoid the problems of the real world. Finding themselves in front of the slots can help distract a soldier from what is truly bothering them, however they will be creating new problems. Being irresponsible with their money can lead to loss of their home, job, and even a marriage. These types of losses can bring on even more stress to an already traumatized soldier, making the problem even more complex than before.

While there are a wide range of addictions that are possible for a solider facing combat-related issues, alcoholism, prescription pill addiction, and gambling seemingly take the top spots for most common addictions. As the government is still working on making more resources available to soldiers with these types of problems, it is important to remain vigilant of the signs of addiction in order to help yourself or a loved one get the support they need to work through their problems drug and alcohol free.

Are You a Solider Dealing with Combat-Related Stress?

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